2013 Epiphone "Inspired By" John Lennon 1965 Casino Reverb

My little babies... 2011 Epiphone 'inspired by John Lennon' Casino and 2017 Rickenbacker 4003S LH

My little babies... 2011 Epiphone 'inspired by John Lennon' Casino and 2017 Rickenbacker 4003S LH submitted by fwtb23 to guitars [link] [comments]

As well as the Embassy Pro I showed in an earlier post, I also own an "inspired by John Lennon" Revolution Casino. Such a beautiful guitar, in every way. It was a reward to myself after getting my first full-time job after graduating, 10 years ago, and I'll never let go of it.

As well as the Embassy Pro I showed in an earlier post, I also own an submitted by Bortron86 to Epiphone [link] [comments]

[GEAR] My Epiphone Casino (Inspired By John Lennon)

https://i.imgur.com/mRRDsf1.jpg Reposting my guitar because I didn't know about the "Gear" stuff
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Comparing Epiphone Casino ETCANACH1 and "Inspired by John Lennon" Model

I'm trying to compare these two models of epiphone casinos, one retails for 600 dollars, one for 900. It literally seems like the only difference is the name, and the tuners on it. Any insight from anyone?
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Epiphone Casino completely factory unfinished. - Help me choose options.

I've acquired a completely unfinished (no drilled holes and never finished) Epiphone Casino. (Most likely the Inspired by John Lennon model 2000s or John Lennon USA)
I've narrowed down some options for finishing.
I'm a huge Beatles and Oasis fan and overall just jangle and britpop, mod shit yadada.
A. Make it like John Lennon's 1965 model stock as it appeared in April-May 1966 ala "Paperback Writer" and "Rain" music videos.
B. Make it like the same one but natural with gold grovers and same spec.
C. Pelham Blue with white pickguard and a Bigsby and or Frequensator done to stock 1960s spec. Like this
Or feel free to discuss other options and ideas.
There's more options and I'm a huge guitar traditionalist and I love the good old fashioned vintage gear. But I'm curious to what everyone is thinking here. I'll provide more pics if anyone would love to see it.
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"Don't F*** with Cats": My Thoughts. Beware of possible spoilers.

This show has been haunting me since I watched Part 1 a few days ago and couldn't watch the rest till today.
A little bit of background: I work in TV behind the scenes and I'm reasonably sure I met at least one person in the credits over the years.
It's tough to say that one "enjoyed" something like this, especially in the wake of suffering and tragedies from both animals and people, but I did, for what it's worth. It was well done. I do not remember hearing much about this back in the day, except that I do remember the "porn star wanted for murder" angle. The pacing, cinematography(was it ever not overcast in Montreal or Toronto?), and editing was all spot on.

A few points, though:
  1. "Don't F*** with Cats" is a poor name choice for a documentary like this. For all the brilliance of the producers(which I mean sincerely), they managed to come up with the "Shawshank Redemption" of docu titles. Look at what everyone is saying about this show online. Half the people think it's a satire, others think it's a show about dangerous felines, and I don't blame them for thinking that. It fails to communicate what the show is about, leading people who are unaware to click on it and be rattled. I fully realize that it says "Hunting an Internet Killer", too, and while that isn't going to make your show stand out either, I feel like there could have been a better title. Less people interested in this subject will see it, and that's a shame.
  2. The show never explained where the kitten murders took place. Didn't seem to be the apartment they investigated, right? Do we have to surmise it was the apartment in the building adjacent to the gas station?
  3. I think some of the points that were poised as "aha" moments were a little oversold. The pack of Marlboros, the Casablanca poster, and the Basic Instinct parallels were hilariously obvious, at least to me, and I am no genius.
  4. The creepy casino video looked like it had been shot by the filmmakers. Some of those videos looked amazingly clean for what would have been available with a phone in 2012. And, as far as I know, taping isn't allowed on casino floors and that guy seemed to capture a whole lot of footage. I could be wrong.
  5. As sad as this is to say, it's hard to feel bad for someone who chose to align himself with animal cruelty videos and the people who make them. I'm sorry he never got a chance to right his ship, but seriously, who goes around faking being an animal killer? I know depressed people, too, and none of them did what he did.
  6. The Christmas angle was really f-ed up. Playing Lennon's "Happy Xmas" (and "Imagine") in the background of the videos, wearing a Santa hat, what the f**k? The only thing I can think of is that Lennon was murdered...by someone else seeking fame and who thought he WAS Lennon. I think that this identity issue might also have been the reason why Luka put on his human victim's shirt.
  7. Listening to the mother for 2 minutes helps you see that she was a huge enabler and probably helped him turn out to be a sociopathic narcissist....nothing was his fault.
  8. Just where the hell do the filmmakers get off by telling us, the audience, that WE are complicit in something like this? Did they not just produce a three-part series for the most popular streaming service in the world? I take it that it wasn't done for free. And I'm sure that Baudi and John had to have made something, too. Look, I've worked in TV for 30 years, and in that time, I have been the conduit for some less-than-wholesome things airing, from talk shows to reality TV to....yes, Basic Instinct itself in the 90's, and yes, some procedural shows too. Those shows are both "inspired by" real cases as well as imitated in real life. Those are facts, and I cannot say that I haven't grappled with being part of the machine over the years. But, we live in a death-obsessed culture, from CSI/Criminal Minds-type shows to Forensic Files to......yes Netflix with Making a Murderer and this show doing well for them. To the filmmakers I say....you got NO LEGS to stand on. Stop it, just stop being holier than thou, it's unsupportable and idiotic. And you will note that I did not name Lennon's killer. If you truly had an issue with all this, you shouldn't have made the damn show in the first place and/or pulled the show. You can't have it both ways, sorry! Maybe y'all should have listed Alan Smithee or better yet Manny Lopez as the director. I gave you guys 3 hours of my time. Don't f*** with the audience.
Apologies if that last bit was a little harsh. I think that sometimes people in the industry get delusional. We're not saving the world. We're not curing cancer. We're entertaining (hopefully), and possibly even educating or raising awareness.
So what did I learn? I learned that evil is around us, committed by all kinds of people, even good-looking people who really do quote movies and characters as they commit horrible acts on living creatures. They do not all look like monsters.
I think that Baudi and John did the right thing and should be lauded for their efforts. Baudi was/is sharp and smart. What confused me was that she didn't put together that if you track someone online.....that someone can also track you.
I also bet that Luka would have upped the stakes even without their involvement. He had already set up an alibi with the Michael Douglas lookalike lawyer years before. And if the show is to be believed, he made more videos after people left him alone for a while.
The show was riveting, frightening, sad, infuriating, and a cautionary tale, all in one. I did not think it was exploitative in any way. I could have done without the bullshit accusation at the end.
It's not for everyone, but I recommend the show. Thanks for reading.
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[QUESTION]What Guitar Should I buy next?NEED HELP!!

What Guitar Should I buy next ?
I have been playing for 3 years now and rate my self as mid to late intermediate on guitar.I enjoy playing Early rock and roll pioneers,The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,Rolling stones and just classic rock in general.I have a epiphone casino inspired by John Lennon,A Gibson Les Paul Faded 2018 ($700 but added humbuckers and grovers),And a acoustic guitar which is an epiphone ej-160e($500).I want to buy an high end guitar and I’m looking at A fender Stratocaster original 60s,Gibson Les Paul standard 50s,Fender Rosewood telecaster,Gibson sj-200,Gibson hummingbird.I need help on what to get,I enjoy playing both acoustic and electric and need help on what to get.this needs to count because this will be my last guitar for a while.Budget is $2000-around $3000
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[GEAR] a family portrait

Clockwise From l-r Epiphone inspired by John Lennon ‘revolution’ Casino Gretsch Electromatic G5422 Rockinbetter 12 string Les Paul double cut TV yellow Fender rosewood tele
Vox AC30vr
Not pictured: AC15tbx (too damn heavy to move) Squier Jazz bass (not worth photographing)
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Part 32

5741.(Duo name change.)Rogers and Hammerstein/Rodgers And Hammerstein
Add-On: Do you remember the CBS logo looking different than it does now?(Anything else off?)(Did the C stand for something like Canadian or Central?)
Add-On: Do you remember Louis not being also pronounced like Louie?
Add-On: Do you remember certain gestures in Interview With The Vampire being different?(Do you remember the Ts in Color With Paint not having the left side cut off?)(Anything else off?)(Signourey WeaveSigourney Weaver)(Did the term Neck Beard not exist?)(Baskin-Robins/Baskin-Robbins)(Adams Family/The Addams Family)(Were the letters in The Darkest Minds not connected?)(Michael Jackson didn't die in 2006?)(Creedance Clear Water Revival/Creedence Clearwater Revival)(Mandela Effect YouTubers' video titles changed.)(Lost Boys/The Lost Boys)(Is the pronunciation for New Orleans different?)(Are certain things in American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy, Archer, Bob's Burgers, Beavis And Butt-head,(Butt-Head or Buthead?)King Of The Hill, Futurama, The Simpsons, or South Park different?)(Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone vs. Philosopher's Stone, and is it off?)(Grey's Anatomy title vs. Gray's Anatomy title, and is that off?)(Has the Target logo, Hillary Clinton, Walmart, Apollo 13 quote, Coca-Cola, The Flintstones, and Froot Loops all went back and forth?)(Have the McDonald's logo, or arches changed again, and is there a new 1960's logo?)(Did the Stonehenge restoration never happen, and were the stones naturally the way they are instead of moved?)(Are there more new clouds, and new colored skies?)(Was the D in SunnyD white?)(Do you remember blue skies not being fake since 1944?)(Is Puerto Rico pronounced different?)(Was there not two amygdalae, and was the plural amygdalas?)(FilmakeFilmmaker)(All words like filmmaker are different?)(Has Marriott switched to Marriot, and back?)(Do any Kidde, or Duraflame products look off?)(Is the reggae song John Crow off?)(Have you heard of the mantis shrimp?)(Is learning about Pangaea off now in the way it's taught?)(Were crows not able to mimic human speech?)(Is George Washington on the quarter different, and is the back of the quarter different?)(Alphabets/Alphabits/Alpha-Bits, and is the logo off?))(The Doors vs. Doors album covers, and actual name.)YouTube channels and video that have existed for a while pop up, and videos disappear, reappear, or are duplicated.)(Merciful Fate/Mercyful Fate, and are the song lyrics off?)(Is the Shark Week logo off?)(Is Mexico pronounced different, and did it not go by other names?)(Did Crystal Pepsi become Crystal Clear Pepsi and then back?)(Did Pepsi Max become Pepsi Maxx for a while?)(The Thompson Twins/Thompson Twins)(Was Corey Feldman not friends with Michael Jackson, and did Corey not ever sing?)(Was Corey Feldman dead, and Corey Haim still alive, or were they both alive, or both dead?)(Is the U.S. map different?)(Is the NeEd InPuT channel name off?)(Have you heard of the corpse flower, Honduran white bat, or pink eyed grasshoppers?)(Usual Suspects/The Usual Suspects)(Has Uncle Sam's hat changed again?)(Has the back of the penny, dime, nickel, $1 bill, $5 bill, $10 bill, $20 bill, $50 bill, or $100 bill changed?)(Was Billy 93-94 around 2013-2014 instead of 95-96?)(Does the triple horizontal line notification on certain websites, and the bell icon on Facebook look different?)(Have you heard of a snake with a jack-o'-lantern(Jack-O-Lantern?)pattern on its skin?)(Has the spelling rules for words like Theatre changed again?)(Does the iSpotTV logo, or name look off?)(Has The Last Supper changed again?)(Wile E. Coyote now has yellow eyes.)(The other sunset car logos are off now.)(Is the Imagine music video by John Lennon background off?)(Do you remember Wiley, Willey, Willie, or Willy Coyote?(Was the E initial still in there?))(Were bears not able to walk like humans?)(Do you remember the characters from Codename: Kids Next Door being Numbers instead of Numbahs?)(Rollos/Rollo/Rolo)(Has Mona Lisa's hair changed?)(Do the Is in WildBrain, and P in Curious Pictures look off?)(Did Curious Pictures not go by other names?)(Do you remember the Facebook logo used in the m ad with the capital F having normal letters?)(Did websites such as Facebook, and Twitter use capital letters to start their names?)(Do you remember Thorium not existing?)(Did the word Niblings not exist?)(Do you remember certain quotes, and lyrics saying he's, and I'm instead of he is, and I am?)(Did the colors of the Creation Of Adam change?)(Did the lyrics for Imagine by John Lennon changed?)(Has Johnson & Johnson became Johnson's & Johnson's?)(GlitchInTheMatrix _ now on YT channel.)(Lazlow Zone/The Lazlow Lane)(Did cockroaches not have stomach teeth?)(J. KristopheJ. Kristofer)(Do state name letters on licenses look off?)(Has Smooth Criminal changed back?)(Wimbleton/Wimbledon)(Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, and Fantastic Four(2015) are new to some people.)
Add-On: Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Pictures changing and person was told they look younger.)
Add-On: Do you remember Cream being the only spelling used in the US instead of Crème(Creme?)too?
5742.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Checkers game in Mr. Brightside by The Killers being ending differently?
5743.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had a job once."/"I had a job."
Add-On: Do you remember the torch of the Statue Of Liberty not looking pixelated?(Was Pixelate a real word?)
Add-On: Do you remember Owl from Winnie The Pooh not having yellow eyes?(Did Simba, Nala, Mufasa, Scar, Shenzi, Rafiki, Sarabi, Ed, Pumbaa, Sarafini, and Banzai from The Lion King not have yellow eyes?)(Did Vitani, Nuka, Kovu, Zira, and Kiara from The Lion King II: Simba's pride not have yellow eyes?)(Did Kion, Tiifu, Zuri, Wema, Janja, Makuu, Fuli. Pua, Chungu, Cheezi, Mzingo, Jasiri, Ajabu, Makucha, Badili, Nne, Tano, and multiple other characters from The Lion Guard not have yellow, red, or blue eyes?)(Was it just Lion King without a "The" and Lion Guard without a "The"?)
Add-On: Do you remember Tony The Tiger having a different colored scarf?(Did it not say Tony on it?)
Add-On: Do you remember aboriginals not existing as long as they've been now?(Is anything else about Australia's discovery off?)
5744.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Alan Alda dying?
5745.(T.V. Show name change.)Rasta Rat/Rasta Mouse/Rastarat/Rastamouse(Id the logo off?)
5746.(Cleaning Product name change.)Barkeepers Best Friend/Barkeepers Friend/Bar Keepers Best Friend/Bar Keepers Friend(Was there an apostrophe in Keepers or Barkeepers?)
Add-On: Do you remember Cheetos being more yellow than they are now?
Add-On: Do you remember the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland not having yellow eyes?(Did the White Rabbit not have red eyes?)
5747.(New species.)Have you heard of the Angelshark?(Angel Shark?)(Did the cookie cutter and thresher sharks not exist?)
5748.(Phantom words.)Do you remember inspecific being a word?
5749.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people not wearing such blatant illuminati clothing like Obey Propaganda?(Was suchlike not a word?)(Is the Youfit logo off?)
5750.(Movie Quote change.)"Don't show off Draco."/"Don't boast Draco."("Dobby never meant to harm or seriously injure."/“Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim or seriously injure.”)
5751.(Snack name change.)Cheese Nibs/Cheese Nips(Were the letters not touching in any of the logos?)(Was there never a dash?)(Mondelez International/Mondelēz International(Does the logo look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember feet being angled more straight and not curving in?(Was there not a bump on the side of the foot?)(Did all humans walk differently than all apes?)(Anything else off?)
5752.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Rod Serling smoking in every The Twilight Zone episode?(Do his teeth and eyebrows look off?)(Was it just Twilight Zone?)
Add-On: Do you remember the handles not crossing in the Guns N' Roses(Guns 'N Roses?)logo?(Anything else off?)(Were there not two Ps in the Led Zeppelin name, and logo?)(Anything else off?)(Rubick's Cube/Rubik's Cube(No apostrophe?))(Was there no 1982-1986 restoration of the torch on the Statue Of Liberty?)(Do any of the Lions For Lambs logos look off?)(Do you remember Oreo Double Stuft?)(Were Amelia Earhart's remains not found?)(Did Lisa not have a blue pinkish purple instrument in the earlier seasons that was different in color, and appearance to her current instrument, and is anything else off?)(Boost Mobile commercial, and other companies use modernized font.)(Is the Peridex mouthwash logo off?)(Safety Dance/The Safety Dance, and the mysterious singing girl, and have the lyrics changed again?)(Do the movie logos for Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Dead Pool,(Dead Pool?)Sudden Impact, and The Enforcer(Enforcer?)look off?)(Did Mona Lisa have her hands folded in her lap instead of sitting in a chair?)(Old shows use modernized font in intros or outros(Is outro a real word?).)(Has the NFL logo changed in any way, or have any of the other logos changed?)(Do you remember the White Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland being dressed differently?)(Dan Pilkey/Dave Pilkey/Dav Pilkey(Pikley?))(The company that makes Swedish Fish imprints their name on the fish in countries outside of the U.S..)(The Clorox, and Lysol logos are tilted instead of straight across.)(Statue Of Liberty has changed again.)(Black ladybug with red spots.)(Did the Sri Lankan pit viper, Asian vine snake, green tree python in yellow phase, San Francisco garter snake, eyelash viper, banded sea krait, Brazilian rainbow boa, Formosan odd-scaled snake, and the scaleless corn snake,(Did snakes species always have scales?)not exist?)(Did Patrick say, "No, that natural." instead of, "Get in the boat." when he helped Spongebob drive?)(Are the original judges of America's Got Talent different?)(Touch Of Modern logo T has changed, and is anything else off?)(Kit Cat is apparently a name associated with Kit Kat.)(Is the Lion bar logo off?)(The Mona Lisa/Mona Lisa)(ThinkeThe Thinker)(Was 101 Dalmatians never titled One Hundred And One Dalmatians, and is the release date of the movies off?)(John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band/John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band/John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band)(Many types of fish sold as food in many places have been mislabeled.)(Ireish/Irerish/Irish)(HIPPA became HIPAA, and the words stand for something else.)(Does the JOEtv logo look off?)(Do the Es, and As in Federal Tax Relief look off?)(Do the Us in the Muckleshoot Casino commercials, and logo look of?)(Do any of the lyrics in The Taste Of Ink(Taste Of Ink?)by The Used sound off?)(Swaztika/Swastika, and have the Swastikas in The Great Dictator changed to double crosses, and were they double plus signs for a while?)(Were words such as grateful, thankful, awful, hopeful, and bashful spelled with two Ls?)(Anything else off?)(Aweful/Awful)(Dout/Doubt)(Do you remember almost, always, and also being spelled with two Ls?)(Anything else off?)(An otheAnother)(Reciepe/Receipe/Recipe)(Is the use of neither vs. either different?)(Leonard Skinnard/Lynyrd Skynyrd)(To gatheTogatheTogether)(Has The Thinker changed body position completely?)(Do certain bugs look like real leaves, flowers, and do they blend in well now?)(Moe Williams/Mo Williams/Moe Willems/Mo Willems)(Other spellings?)(Reciept/Receipt)(Did words like away, along, and alone have a space, or dash?)(Does the music in Rollerball from 2002 sound different?)(Jamie Gertz/Jami Gertz)(Other spellings?)(Jason Patrick/Jason Patric)(Other spellings?)(Pokemon/Pokémon, and is the logo off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Pinocchio having brown eyes instead of blue?(Pinnochio/Pinocchio)
5753.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember glass making not being as old as 3500 B.C.?
5754.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember communism in China already coming to an end instead of still going on?
5755.(Famous U.S. President name change.)Richard Milhouse Nixon/Richard Milhous Nixon(Other spellings?)
5756.(New species.)Have you heard of the hammerhead worm?(Did hammerhead beetles and lizards not exist?)
5757.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the music video for She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals(The Fine Young Cannibals?)being different?(Was there no water used at all?)(Were they dressed differently?)(Did they look happier or sing differently?)(Did they dance different?)
5758.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember raining stones not being a thing?
5759.(Event name change.)Live Texas Jam '78/Live Texxas Jam '78(Was Texas never spelled Texxas for any event?)
5760.(Video Game name change.)Super Baseball Simulator 3.000/Super Baseball Simulator 2.000/Super Baseball Simulator 1.000(Was there a comma instead of a period or nothing at all?)
5761.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember natural pink chocolate not being a thing?
5762.(Song name change.)Unforgiven/The Unforgiven(The Uninvited/Uninvited)
Add-On: Do you remember the Seven Dwarfs not having blue eyes and blue glasses?
5763.(Music Lyrics change.)"Because the night belongs to lovers."/"Because the night belongs to lover."
5764.(Music Lyrics change.)"Born and raised in South Detroit."/"Born and raised in South Detroi."/"Born and raised in South Detrol."(Was the show of the same named Don't Stop Believing?)
5765.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being a barcode on the dashboard by the windshield of most automobiles?
5766.(Movie Quote change.)"Rug pissers."/"Carpet pissers."(Do you remember the car alarm going off in the one scene?)
5767.(Rock Band name change.)Offspring/The Offspring(Does any of their music or logos look off?)
5768.(Music Lyrics change.)"This bird you cannot change."/"The bird you cannot change."(Surfing Bird/Surfin Bird/Surfin' Bird)
5769.(Music Lyrics change.)"My lonely days are gone."/"My lonely days are good."
5770.(Music Lyrics change.)"Hungry like a wolf."/"Hungry like the wolf."(Song title changed too.)(Was there the sound of a woman moaning or yelling at the end of the song?)
5771.(Music Lyrics change.)"And take it easy."/"So take it easy."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Other songs I've mentioned in the past.)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
5772.(Music Lyrics change.)"Well mamma told me."/"Mamma told me."(Has their band logo changed again?)("Yeah."/"Yea.")("All I want from you."/"All I want for you.')
5773.(Music Lyrics change.)"Gimme three steps towards the door?"/"Gimme three towards your door?"(Give me?)(Toward?)(Men With Hats/Men Without Hands)
5774.(Celebrity death that didn't happen.)Do you remember Perry Saturn dying?(Did Jimmy Carter dying?)
5775.(Music Lyrics change.)"Like the latest fashion."/"Like a latest fashion."("By the time you hear the sirens."/"By the time you hear the siren.")(Them?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Does the music video for Pure Massacre by Silverchair(Silver Chair?)look or sound off to you?)(Cruising California (Bumping In My Truck)/Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Truck)(Are the lyrics off for Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Truck)?)
5776.(Music Lyrics change.)"Well I'm standing next to the mountain."/"Girl I stand up next to a mountain."(Was it something else?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Jimi Hendrix Experience/The Jimi Hendrix Experience)
5777.(Logo change.)Do you remember the dash being straight in Tone-Loc for Funky Cold Medina?(Was there no line above the Oin Tone Loc?)(Anything else off about the song logo?)
5778.(Theme Song Lyrics change.)"I have a feeling."/"I got a feeling."("The Sun in the sky has a smile on its face."/"The Sun in the sky has a smile on his face.")("Its shining a salute."/"He's shining a salute.")("It's well to say."/"It's swell to say.)(I've?)
5779.(Music Lyrics change.)"Just like a prayer."/"Just like the prayer."(Has it switched back?)("Just like a dream."/"Just like the dream.")
5780.(Music Lyrics change.)"We are living in a material world."/"We are living in the material world."("Everybody's living in a material world."/"Everybody's living in the material world.")(Any of the other lyrics off?)(Cindy LaupeCyndi Lauper)
5781.(Music Lyrics change.)"And you can dance for inspiration."/"And you could dance for inspiration."
5782.(Music Lyrics change.)"She's buried right in my backyard."/"She's buried right in my backya."
5783.(Music Lyrics change.)"Teacher don't you feel me up with your rule."/"Don't you feel me up with your rules."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)(Boys?)
5784.(Music Lyrics change.)"Why is my ding ding burning like this?"/"Why is my thing thing burning like this?"(Any of the other lyrics or is there song title off?)
5785.(Music Lyrics change.)"And the good girls are home with broken hearts."/"And the good girls err home with broken hearts."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5786.(Music Lyrics change.)"I woke up in between a memory and a dream."/"I woke up in between the memory and a dream."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5787.(Famous Singer name change.)Nikki Syxx/Nikki Sixx(Other spellings?)
5788.(Music Lyrics change.)"And coming down."/"Coming down."("Beat you down and break your heart and steal your crown."/"Beat you down, break your heart, steal your crown.")
5789.(Music Lyrics change.)"The levee's going to break."/"Levee's going to break."(Was the first verse like the others?)(Levy/Levee)("Friends will do you no good."/"Praying will do you no good.")(Was levee spelled levy in all places it was used?)
5790.(Music Lyrics change.)"For such a pleasant stay."/"Such a pleasant stay."
5791.(Music Lyrics change.)"For the misty mountain."/"For the misty mountains."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5792.(Music Lyrics change.)"Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe."/Greta Garbo and Monroe."
5793.(Music Lyrics change.)"I live for my dreams."/"I live for my dream."(Was Pocketful always Pocket Full in all places it was used?)
5794.(Music Lyrics change.)"You're on my mind."/"On my mind."
5795.(Music Lyrics change.)"That I decided to fly on the inside."/"That I decided to fly from the insow."(Shine Down/Shinedown)
5796.(Music Lyrics change.)"Yesterday's got nothing for me."/Yesterday got nothing for me."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Did Axl Rose change to Axel Rose and back for you?)
5797.(Music Lyrics change.)"Caught on a one-way street."/"Caught on a one-way streets."
5798.(Music Lyrics change.)"I got a glass-jawed toothache."/"You got a glass-jawed toothache."(I've or You've?)(Was there no dash?)(Was it Jaw?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Any of the other lyrics off?)
5799.(Music Lyrics change.)"You had cum on your mind."/"You had cunt on your mind."
5800.(Music Lyrics change.)"Send me money now."/"Send you money now."(Was it Mom, Ma, Pa, or Pap?)(Was it Sent?)
5801.(Music Lyrics change.)"Trying to hold on, but you didn't even know."/"Trying to hold on t didn't even know."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5802.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"You never know who or what is gonna come through that door."/"You never know who or what's gonna come through that door."/"You never know what's gonna come through that door."/"You never know what is gonna come through that door."
5803.(Music Lyrics change.)"Summer breeze makes me feel fine."/"Summer breeze makes me feel five."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5804.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I look into your eyes, I can see the love restrained."/"When I look into your eyes, I can see your love restrained."/"When I look into your eyes, I can see a love restrained."(Restrain?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5805.(Music Lyrics change.)"Baby maybe someday."/"Baby baby someday."
5806.(Music Lyrics change.)"Face of an angel with the love of a witch."/"Face of an angel with the love of a win."
5807.(Music Lyrics change.)"We live and hope to see the next day."/"You live and hope to see the next day."(Dust And Bones/Dust & Bones/Dust N Bones/Dust 'N Bones/Dust N' Bones)
5808.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there being a growl at the very beginning of Bad Obsession by Guns N' Roses?(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5809.(Music Lyrics change.)"Found a head and an arm in a garbage can."/"Found a head and an arm in the garbage can."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5810.(Music Lyrics change.)"Put your pen to the paper."/"Put the pen to the paper."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5811.(Music Lyrics change.)"The hand that feeds."/"The hand that feed."(And instead of N or An'?)(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5812.(Music Lyrics change.)"Out on the streets all alone."/"Down to the street alone."/"Down on the street alone."(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)
5813.(History change.)Do you remember Nancy Kerrigan's knee actually breaking instead of just getting bruised in the 1994 incident?(Was she not able to compete?)(Was Tonya Harding's boyfriend or manager the cause and not her ex?)(Was she not able to compete?)(Did she get caught right away?)
5814.(Music Lyrics change.)"Reap the dark within."/"Reproductive glands."("And he likes to shoot his guns."/"And he likes to shoot his gun.")
5815.(Music Lyrics change.)"Let me take a ride. Don't cut yourself."/"Let me take a ride. Cut yourself."(Is the Unplugged version off?)
5816.(Music Lyrics change.)"It's nothing new to you."/"Snothing new to you."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5817.(Music Lyrics change.)"You ask your mom please but she still says no."/"You ask your mom please but she still said no."
5818.(Spider name change.)Black Widdow/Black Widow(Widdow/Widow)(All uses of the word Widow.)(WiddowmakeWidowmaker)(WiddoweWidower)(Was Widow used for both a man and a woman?)(Do you remember black widows biting three times instead of one or a different number and were there bites more dangerous?)(Did false black widows and brown widows not exist?)
5819.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Neuralyzer in Men In Black being white instead of silver?(Was it a different color?)(Was the light a different color?)(Was it not also spelled Neuralizer?)
5820.(Music Lyrics change.)"I can't get no satisfaction."/"I can get no satisfaction."(Did it sound like "Can't" through the whole song?)
5821.(Commercial Lyrics change.)"Everybody does it like something."/"Everybody doesn't like something."
5822.(Music Lyrics change.)"Billions shift from side to side."/"The billions shift from side to side."(Ing to In' lyrics.)(Was it spelled Axle Rose for you?)
5823.(Song Title change.)Wearing That Loved On Look/Wearin' That Loved On Look(Ing to In' lyrics and song title.)(Was Elvis not a natural blonde?)
5824.(Music Lyrics change.)"Money, get away."/"Money, to get away."("Money, so they say, is the root of all evil today."/"Money, so they say, is a root of all evil today.")
5825.(Music Lyrics change.)"We dance like marionettes."/"We dance like the marionettes."
5826.(Music Lyrics change.)"I realized life was a game."/"I realize life was a game."("As you read this."/"As you read.")(Does the song sound different?)(A Tout Le Monde/À Tout Le Monde)
5827.(Music Lyrics change.)"Prophesied last rites, loved to death, magnetic."/"Prophesied last rites, loved to death, my friends."(Are any of the lyrics spelled wrong?)(Prophesized/Prophesised/Prophesied)(Last Rites/Loved To Death/Last Rites/Loved To Deth)(Are the words in the song title off?)
5828.(Music Lyrics change.)"I shed a tear."/"Shed a tear."(Ing to In' lyrics.)
5829.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember bottled water not being sold as early as the 1760's?
5830.(Music Lyrics change.)"You trade your passion for glory."/"You change your passion for glory."(The Eye Of The TigeEye Of The Tiger)
5831.(Music Lyrics change.)"Sockets of my eyes."/"Socket of my eye."(Other lyrics?)
5832.(Famous Time Traveler name change.)John TittoJohn Titor(Was everyone with this name also named Tittor?)
5833.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different, or not a thing?(Statue Of Liberty height change, Creation Of Adam,(The Creation Of Adam?)Gulper catfish, desert crocodiles, crocodile bubbles, humans can see infrared, devo no longer wore toilet seats and wore something more like spud collars and other things have changed, shock therapy for back pain, gobi bear, Mount Rushmore, sheep you can pull wool off of, bryozoans, dust storms, dolphins have two stomachs, boxer crab pom poms, narwhal tusks are actually teeth and sea lice live on them.)(Video below.)
5834.(Famous Actress name change.)Natasha Kinski/Nastassja Kinski(Other spellings?)
5835.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember people with Parkinson's Disease not having hallucinations?)
5836.(Movie name change.)Room 1408/1408(Book too.)
5837.(Food Company name change.)McCain's/McCains/McCain(Is the logo off?)
5838.(Phantom quote.)Do you remember Neville Chamberlain saying, "I have in my hand a piece of paper." and, "Peace of our time." after signing the Declaration Of Peace with Hitler?
5839.(Toy name change.)Skip It/Skip-It(Do any of the logos look off?)(Did the other logos have, or not have dashes?)(Anything else off about all of this?)
5840.(Real Life Quote change.)"The British are coming!"/"The Redcoats(Red-Coats or Red Coats?)are coming!"/"The regulars are coming out."(Did he say the quote loudly instead of being secret, and is anything else about the quote, or anything else off?)
5841.(Music Lyrics change.)"I'm saying all the things that I know you'll like."/"You're saying all the things that I know you'll like."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)(Is the phenomenon that causes this off?)
5842.(Music Lyrics change.)"She said don't hand me no lines and keep your hands to yourself."/"She said don't gimme(Give me?)no lines and keep your hands to yourself."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)
5843.(Music Lyrics change.)"Funny how I find myself in love with you."/"Funny how I found myself in love with you."(Is it the first one, the second one, or both?)
5844.(Real Life Quote change.)"Badda boom, badda bing."/"Badda bing, badda boom."(Was there dashes, or no dashes?)(Was there a comma, or no comma?)
5845.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Say goodnight Gracie." "Goodnight Gracie."/"Say goodnight Gracie." "Goodnight."/"Say goodnight." "Goodnight."(It's the second one sometimes.)(Anything else off?)(Did their show not go by other names?)(Did The George Burns Show not happen as in the one that came after this show?)
5846.(Chocolate name change.)Uno/UNo/U-No(Is the dash, or the rest of the logo off?)
5847.(Chocolate name change.)Ice Cube/Ice Cubes(Does the Moritz logo look off?)
5848.(Chocolate name change.)Mellow Cup/Mello Cup/Mallow Cup/Mallo Cup(Is the Boyer logo off?)
5849.(Candy Logo change.)Do you remember the Bit-O-Honey logo being more aligned and going straight across?(Were there dashes instead of periods?)(Do any of the letters look off?)
5850.(Famous Talk Show Host name change.)Sally Jessie Raphael/Sally Jessy Raphael(Other spellings?)(Was her show always known as The Sally Jessy Raphael Show?)
5851.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the boys from Thailand that were involved in the cave rescue being found already?
5852.(Spelling change.)DefibulatoDefibrillator(Other spellings?)
5853.(Spelling change.)Window Seal/Window Sill(Was it always one word, and never spelled with a dash, or a space?)
5854.(Spelling change.)Laundrymat/Laundromat(Were they not also known as Launderettes, Laundrettes, and Washaterias?)
5855.(Spelling change.)Counterfit/Counterfeit
5856.(Famous Talk Show Host name change.)Ellen Degeneres/Ellen DeGeneres(Were shiws simply known as Ellen and were they known as The Ellen DeGeneres Show?)
5857.(Snake name change.)GardneGarter
5858.(Spelling change.)Limosine/Limousine(Were they always really long vehicles?)
5859.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember concrete airplane arrows not being a thing?(Anything else surrounding them off?)
5860.(Supergroup name change.)Crosby, Stills & Nash/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young(Was "supergroup" always "super-group"?)(Did they not form other smaller groups together?)
5861.(Music Lyrics change.)"Left her in the sand."/"Left her in that sand."
5862.(Music Lyrics change.)"In my eyes. Indisposed."/"In my eyes. Indispose."
5863.(Music Lyrics change.)"The only one you will ever need."/"The only one you would ever need."/"The only one you could ever need."(Ing to In" lyrics.)(Thr Lamb Of God/Lamb Of God)
5864.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Beast(The Beast?)from Beauty And The Beast(The Beauty And The Beast?)having brown eyes?
5865.(Famous Race Car Driver name change.)Danica KirkPatrick/Danica Kirkpatrick/Danica Patrick(Other spellings?)(Does she look different now?)
5866.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being audio, or any talking in Charlie Chaplin's movies?(Do any pictures of him look off?)
5867.(Movie City name change)Santa Clara/Santa Carla(Was Santa Carla based on Santa Clara, and not Santa Cruz?)
5868.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Laverne, and Shirley from Laverne & Shirley always wearing their first initials on their shirts?)(Gary Williams/Garry Williams)(Laverne Defazio/Laverne DeFazio)(Does the &, or anything else about the logo seem off to you?)(Was the show not also known as Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney?)
5869.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember there not being hidden temples in Mexico?(Were there not hidden temples in other places?)
5870.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember mosquitoes not using six needles to bite?(Were their bites not as bad as they are now?)
5871.(Song Title change.)The Sounds Of Silence/The Sound Of Silence(Other names?)(We've Got A Groovy Thing Going/We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin')(Sounds Of Silence, or Sound Of Silence?)(Anything else off?)
5872.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Despair not existing?(Did Anxiety not exist?)(Any of his other paintings off?)(Edward Grieg/Edvard Grieg)
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[ROLEPLAY] ! Extreme Instability !

Rapid City Journal (RCJ) - January 21st Edition
1965–1970: Early career Influenced by early-rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues artists, including groups such as The Beatles, The Drifters and The Four Seasons, he favored tightly-structured pop melodies and down-to-earth, unpretentious songwriting.[20]
After seeing The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, Joel decided to pursue a career in music. In an interview he said of the group's impact, "That one performance changed my life … Up to that moment I'd never considered playing rock as a career. And when I saw four guys who didn't look like they'd come out of the Hollywood star mill, who played their own songs and instruments, and especially because you could see this look in John Lennon's face – and he looked like he was always saying: 'F--- you!' – I said: 'I know these guys, I can relate to these guys, I am these guys.' This is what I'm going to do – play in a rock band'."[21]
Joel joined the Echoes,[22] a group that specialized in British Invasion covers. The Echoes began recording in 1965. Joel (then 16) also played piano on several records released through Kama Sutra Productions and on recordings produced by Shadow Morton. Joel played on a demo version of "Leader of the Pack", which would become a major hit for the Shangri-Las.[23] Joel states that in 1964 he played on a recording of the Shangri-Las' "Remember (Walking in the Sand)" but he is unaware of whether he played on the demo or master version;[24] The released single included a co-producer credit for Artie Ripp,[25] who later was the first to sign and produce Joel as a solo artist after Michael Lang, who had given Joel a monetary advance, passed Joel along to Ripp to focus his attentions elsewhere instead.[26]
In late 1965, the Echoes changed their name to the Emeralds and then to the Lost Souls. Joel left the band in 1967 to join the Hassles, a Long Island group that had signed with United Artists Records.[27] Over the next year and a half they released four singles and two albums (The Hassles and Hour of the Wolf). All were commercial failures. Joel and drummer Jon Small left the Hassles in 1969 to form the duo Attila, releasing an eponymous debut album in July 1970. The duo disbanded the following October when Joel began an affair with Small's wife, Elizabeth, whom Joel eventually married.[28]
1970–1974: Cold Spring Harbor and Piano Man Joel signed a contract with the record company Family Productions (owned by Artie Ripp but backed by Gulf + Western[29]), with which he recorded his first solo album, Cold Spring Harbor (a reference to Cold Spring Harbor, New York, a town on Long Island). Ripp states that he spent $450,000 developing Joel;[29] nevertheless, the album was mastered at the wrong speed and as a result, the album was a technical and commercial disappointment.[30]
The popular songs "She's Got a Way" and "Everybody Loves You Now" were originally released on this album, but went largely unnoticed until being released as live performances on Songs in the Attic (1981). Columbia released a remastered version of Cold Spring Harbor in 1983.
Joel began his Cold Spring Harbor tour in the fall of 1971, touring with his band (Rhys Clark on drums, Al Hertzberg on guitar, and Larry Russell on bass guitar) throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico, opening for groups such as the J. Geils Band, The Beach Boys, Badfinger, and Taj Mahal. Joel's performance at the Puerto Rican Mar Y Sol Pop Festival was especially well-received; and although recorded, Joel refused to have it published on the Mar Y Sol compilation album Mar Y Sol: The First International Puerto Rico Pop Festival. Nevertheless, interest in his music grew.[31]
During the spring of 1972, the Philadelphia radio station WMMR-FM began playing a concert recording of "Captain Jack", which became an underground hit on the East Coast. Herb Gordon, a Columbia Records executive, heard Joel's music and introduced him to the company. Joel signed a recording contract with Columbia in 1972 and moved to Los Angeles; he lived there for the next three years.[1][32] For six months he worked at The Executive Room piano bar on Wilshire Boulevard as "Bill Martin". During that time, he composed his signature hit "Piano Man" about the bar's patrons.[33]
Despite Joel's new contract, he was still legally bound to Family Productions. Artie Ripp sold Joel's first contract to Columbia. Walter Yetnikoff, the president of CBS/Columbia Records at the time, bought back the rights to Joel's songs in the late 1970s, giving the rights to Joel as a birthday gift.[34][35] Yetnikoff notes in the documentary film The Last Play at Shea that he had to threaten Ripp to close the deal.
Joel's first album with Columbia was Piano Man, released in 1973. Despite modest sales, Piano Man's title track became his signature song, ending nearly every concert. That year Joel's touring band changed. Guitarist Al Hertzberg was replaced by Don Evans, and bassist Larry Russell by Patrick McDonald, himself replaced in late 1974 by Doug Stegmeyer, who would stay with Joel until 1989. Rhys Clark returned as drummer and Tom Whitehorse as banjoist and pedal steel player; Johnny Almond joined as saxophonist and keyboardist. The band toured the US and Canada extensively, appearing on popular music shows. Joel's songwriting began attracting more attention; in 1974 Helen Reddy recorded "You're My Home" (Piano Man).
1974–1977: Streetlife Serenade and Turnstiles In 1974, Joel recorded his second Columbia album in Los Angeles, Streetlife Serenade. His manager at the time was Jon Troy, an old friend from the New York neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant; Troy would soon be replaced by Joel's wife Elizabeth.[36] Streetlife Serenade contains references to suburbia and the inner city. It is perhaps best known for "The Entertainer", a No. 34 hit in the US. Upset that "Piano Man" had been significantly cut for radio play, Joel wrote "The Entertainer" as a sarcastic response: "If you're gonna have a hit, you gotta make it fit, so they cut it down to 3:05." Although Streetlife Serenade is often considered[by whom?] one of Joel's weaker albums (Joel dislikes it himself), it contains the notable songs "Los Angelenos" and "Root Beer Rag", an instrumental that was a staple of his live set in the 1970s.
In late 1975, Joel played piano and organ on several tracks on Bo Diddley's The 20th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll all-star album.
Disenchanted with Los Angeles, Joel returned to New York City in 1975 and recorded Turnstiles, the first album he recorded with the group of hand-picked musicians who became the Billy Joel Band. Produced by James William Guercio (then Chicago's producer), Turnstiles was first recorded at Caribou Ranch with members of Elton John's band. Dissatisfied with the result, Joel re-recorded the songs and produced the album himself.
"Say Goodbye to Hollywood" was a minor hit; Ronnie Spector recorded a cover as did Nigel Olsson, then drummer with Elton John. In a 2008 radio interview, Joel said that he no longer performs the song because singing it in its high original key "shreds" his vocal cords; however, he did finally play it live for the first time since 1982 when he sang it at the Hollywood Bowl in May 2014. Though never released as a single, "New York State of Mind" became one of Joel's best-known songs; Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett have each recorded covers (Bennett's a duet with Joel on Playing with My Friends: Bennett Sings the Blues). Other notable songs from the album include "Summer, Highland Falls", "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)", "Say Goodbye to Hollywood", (a live version of which became a Top 40 hit), and "Prelude/Angry Young Man", a concert mainstay.
1977–1979: The Stranger and 52nd Street Columbia Records introduced Joel to Phil Ramone, who would produce all of Joel's studio albums from The Stranger (1977) to The Bridge (1986). The Stranger was an enormous commercial success, yielding four Top-25 hits on the Billboard charts: "Just the Way You Are" (#3), "Movin' Out" (#17), "Only the Good Die Young" (#24), and "She's Always a Woman" (#17). Joel's first Top Ten album, The Stranger was certified multi-platinum and reached number two on the charts, outselling Simon & Garfunkel's Bridge over Troubled Water,[37] Columbia's previous best-selling album. The Stranger also featured "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant", an album-oriented rock classic, which has become one of his best-known songs.
The Stranger song "Just the Way You Are" — written for Joel's first wife, Elizabeth Weber[38] — was inspired by a dream[39] and won Grammy awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year.[40] On tour in Paris, Joel learned the news late at night in his hotel room.[22] Rolling Stone ranked The Stranger the 70th greatest album of all time.[41]
Expectations were high for Joel's next album, 52nd Street, which he released in 1978, naming it after Manhattan's famous 52nd Street, which, at the time of its release, served as the world headquarters of CBS/ Columbia. The album sold over seven million copies, propelled to number one on the charts by the following hits: "My Life" (#3); followed successes from the album were "Big Shot" (#14), and "Honesty" (#24). A cover of "My Life" (sung by Gary Bennett) became the theme song for a new television sitcom, Bosom Buddies, which featured actor Tom Hanks in one of his earliest roles. 52nd Street won Grammy awards for Best Pop Vocal Performance, Male and Album of the Year.
In 1979, Joel also traveled to Havana, Cuba, to participate in the historic Havana Jam festival that took place between March 2–4, alongside Rita Coolidge, Kris Kristofferson, Stephen Stills, the CBS Jazz All-Stars, the Trio of Doom, Fania All-Stars, Billy Swan, Bonnie Bramlett, Mike Finnegan, Weather Report, and an array of Cuban artists such as Irakere, Pacho Alonso, Tata Güines and Orquesta Aragón.[42] His performance is captured in Ernesto Juan Castellanos's documentary Havana Jam '79.
1979–1983: Glass Houses and The Nylon Curtain The success of his piano-driven ballads like "Just the Way You Are", "She's Always a Woman", and "Honesty" led some critics to label Joel a "balladeer" and "soft rocker". Joel thought these labels were unfair and insulting, and with Glass Houses, he tried to record an album that proved that he could rock harder than his critics gave him credit for, occasionally imitating and referring to the style of new wave rock music that was starting to become popular at the time. On the front cover of the album, Joel is pictured in a leather jacket, about to throw a rock at a glass house (referring to the adage that "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones").
Glass Houses spent six weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard chart and yielded such hits as "You May Be Right" (used as the theme song, covered by Southside Johnny, for the CBS mid-1990s sitcom Dave's World) (#7, May 1980), "Don't Ask Me Why" (#19, September 1980), "Sometimes a Fantasy" (#36, November 1980) and "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me", which became Joel's first Billboard number-one single (for two weeks) in July 1980. "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" spent 11 weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and was the 7th biggest hit of 1980 according to American Top 40.
Glass Houses won the Grammy for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Male. It would also win the American Music Award for Favorite Album, Pop/Rock category. The album's closing song, "Through The Long Night" (B-side of the "It's Still Rock & Roll to Me" single), was a lullaby that featured Joel harmonizing with himself in a song he says was inspired by The Beatles' "Yes It Is".[31] In a recorded Masterclass at the University of Pennsylvania, Joel later recollected that he had written to the Beatles asking them how to get started in the music industry. In response, he received a pamphlet about Beatles merchandise. This later led to the idea of Joel conducting Q&A sessions around the world answering questions that people had about the music industry.[43]
His next release, Songs in the Attic, was composed of live performances of less well-known songs from the beginning of his career. It was recorded during larger US arenas and intimate night club shows in June and July 1980. This release introduced many fans, who discovered Joel when The Stranger became a smash in 1977, to many of his earlier compositions. The album reached No. 8 on the Billboard chart and produced two hit singles: "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" (#17), and "She's Got a Way" (#23). It sold over 3 million copies. Though not as successful as some of his previous albums, the album was still considered a success by Joel.[31]
The next wave of Joel's career commenced with the recording of his next studio album, The Nylon Curtain. With The Nylon Curtain, Joel became more ambitious with his songwriting, trying his hand at writing topical songs like "Allentown" and "Goodnight Saigon". Joel has stated that he wanted the album to communicate his feelings about the American Dream and how changes in American politics during the Reagan years meant that "all of a sudden you weren't going to be able to inherit [the kind of life] your old man had."[44] He also tried to be more ambitious in his use of the recording studio. Joel said that he wanted to "create a sonic masterpiece" on The Nylon Curtain. So he spent more time in the studio, crafting the sound of the album, than he had on any previous album.[44] Production of The Nylon Curtain began in the fall of 1981. However, production was temporarily delayed when Joel was involved in a serious motorcycle accident on Long Island on April 15, 1982, severely injuring his hands. Still, Joel quickly recovered from his injuries, and the album only ended up being delayed by a few months.[45]
In 1982, he embarked on a brief tour in support of the album. From one of the final shows of the tour, Joel made his first video special, Live from Long Island, which was recorded at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York on December 30, 1982. It was originally broadcast on HBO in 1983 before it became available on VHS.
The Nylon Curtain went to No. 7 on the charts, partially due to heavy airplay on MTV for the videos to the singles "Allentown" and "Pressure". "Allentown" spent six weeks at a peak position of No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it one of the most-played radio songs of 1982, pushing it into 1983's year-end Top 70, and making it the most successful song from The Nylon Curtain album, besting "Pressure" which peaked at No. 20 (where it resided for three weeks) and "Goodnight Saigon" which reached No. 56 on U.S. charts.[46]
1983–1988: An Innocent Man and The Bridge Joel's next album moved away from the serious themes of The Nylon Curtain and struck a much lighter tone. The album An Innocent Man was Joel's tribute to R&B and doo wop music of the 1950s and 1960s and resulted in Joel's second Billboard number-one hit, "Tell Her About It", which was the first single off the album in the summer of 1983. The album itself reached No. 4 on the charts and No. 2 in UK. It also boasted six top-30 singles, the most of any album in Joel's catalog. The album was well received by critics, with Stephen Thomas Erlewine, senior editor for AllMusic, describing Joel as being "in top form as a craftsman throughout the record, effortlessly spinning out infectious, memorable melodies in a variety of styles."[47]
At the time that the album was released, WCBS-FM began playing "Uptown Girl" both in regular rotation and on the Doo Wop Live.[48][49] The song became a worldwide hit upon its release. The music video of the song, originally written about then girlfriend Elle MacPherson, featured future wife Christie Brinkley as a high society girl, whose car pulls into the gas station where Joel's character is working. At the end of the video, Joel's "grease monkey" character drives off with his "uptown girl" on the back of a motorcycle. When Brinkley went to visit Joel after being asked to star in the video, the first thing Joel said to her upon opening his door was "I don't dance". Brinkley had to walk him through the basic steps he does in the video. Their work together on this video shoot sparked a relationship between the two which would later lead to their marriage in 1985.[50]
In December, the title song, "An Innocent Man", was released as a single and it peaked at No. 10 in the U.S. and No. 8 in the UK, early in 1984. That March, "The Longest Time" was released as a single, peaking at No. 14 on the Hot 100 and No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. That summer, "Leave a Tender Moment Alone" was released and it hit No. 27 while "Keeping the Faith" peaked at No. 18 in January 1985. In the video for "Keeping the Faith", Christie Brinkley also plays the "redhead girl in a Chevrolet". An Innocent Man was also nominated for the Album of the Year Grammy, but lost to Michael Jackson's Thriller.
Joel participated in the USA For Africa We Are The World project in 1985, capping off a series of successful singles.
Following the success of An Innocent Man, Joel was asked about releasing an album of his most successful singles. This was not the first time this topic had come up, but Joel had initially considered "Greatest Hits" albums as marking the end of one's career. This time he agreed, and Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and 2 was released as a four-sided album and two-CD set, with the songs in the order in which they were released. The new songs "You're Only Human (Second Wind)" and "The Night Is Still Young" were recorded and released as singles to support the album; both reached the top 40, peaking at No. 9 and No. 34, respectively. Greatest Hits was highly successful and it has since been certified double diamond by the RIAA, with over 11.5 million copies (23 million units) sold. It is one of the best-selling albums in American music history, according to the RIAA.
Coinciding with the Greatest Hits album release, Joel released a two-volume Video Album that was a compilation of the promotional videos he had recorded from 1977 to the present time. Along with videos for the new singles off the Greatest Hits album, Joel also recorded a video for his first hit, "Piano Man", for this project.
Though it broke into the top ten, Joel's next album, The Bridge (1986), did not achieve the level of success of his previous albums, but it yielded the hits "A Matter of Trust" and "Modern Woman" from the film Ruthless People, a dark comedy from the directors of Airplane! (both #10). In a departure from his "piano man" persona, Joel is shown in the video playing a Gibson Les Paul. The ballad "This is the Time" also charted, peaking at No. 18.
On November 18, 1986, an extended version of the song "Big Man on Mulberry Street" was used on a Season 3 episode of Moonlighting. The episode itself was also titled "Big Man on Mulberry Street".
The Bridge was Joel's last album to carry the Family Productions logo, after which he severed his ties with Artie Ripp. Joel has also stated in many interviews, most recently in a 2008 interview in Performing Songwriter magazine, that he does not think The Bridge is a good album.
In October 1986, Joel and his handlers started planning a trip to the Soviet Union. He became one of the first American rock acts to play there since the Berlin Wall went up, a fact not lost on history buff Joel.[51] There were live performances at indoor arenas in Moscow, Leningrad and Tbilisi. Joel, his family (including young daughter Alexa), and his full touring band made the trip in August 1987. The entourage was filmed for television and video to offset the cost of the trip, and the concerts were simulcast on radio around the world. Joel's Russian tour was the first live rock radio broadcast in Soviet history.[52]
Most of that audience took a long while to warm up to Joel's energetic show, something that had never happened in other countries he had performed in. According to Joel, each time the fans were hit with the bright lights, anybody who seemed to be enjoying themselves froze. In addition, people who were "overreacting" were removed by security.[53] It was during this concert that Joel, enraged by the bright lights, flipped his electric piano and snapped a microphone stand while continuing to sing the current part of the set.[54] He later apologized for that incident.
The album КОНЦЕРТ (Russian for "Concert") was released in October 1987. Singer Pete Hewlett was brought in to hit the high notes on his most vocally challenging songs, like "An Innocent Man". Joel also did versions of The Beatles' classic "Back in the U.S.S.R." and Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changin". It has been estimated that Joel lost more than $1 million of his own money on the trip and concerts, but he has said the goodwill he was shown there was well worth it.[31]
1988–1993: Storm Front and River of Dreams The recording of the album Storm Front, which commenced in 1988, coincided with major changes in Joel's career and inaugurated a period of serious upheaval in his business affairs. In August 1989, just before the album was released, Joel dismissed his manager (and former brother-in-law) Frank Weber after an audit revealed major discrepancies in Weber's accounting. Joel subsequently sued Weber for $90 million, claiming fraud and breach of fiduciary duty and in January 1990 he was awarded $2 million in a partial judgment against Weber; in April, the court dismissed a $30 million countersuit filed by Weber.[55]
The first single for the album, "We Didn't Start the Fire", was released in September 1989 and it became Joel's third and – to date – most-recent US number-one hit, spending two weeks at the top. Storm Front was released in October, and it eventually became Joel's first number-one album since Glass Houses, nine years earlier. Storm Front was Joel's first album since Turnstiles to be recorded without Phil Ramone as producer. For this album, he wanted a new sound, and worked with Mick Jones of Foreigner fame. Joel is also credited as one of the keyboard players on Jones' 1988 self-titled solo album, and is featured in the official video for Jones' single "Just Wanna Hold"; Joel can be seen playing the piano while his then-wife Christie Brinkley joins him and kisses him. Joel also revamped his backing band, dismissing everyone but drummer Liberty DeVitto, guitarist David Brown, and saxophone player Mark Rivera, and bringing in new faces, including multi-instrumentalist Crystal Taliefero.
Storm Front's second single, "I Go to Extremes" reached No. 6 in early 1990. The album was also notable for its song "Leningrad", written after Joel met a clown in the Soviet city of that name during his tour in 1987, and "The Downeaster Alexa", written to underscore the plight of fishermen on Long Island who are barely able to make ends meet. Another well-known single from the album is the ballad "And So It Goes" (#37 in late 1990). The song was originally written in 1983, around the time Joel was writing songs for An Innocent Man; but "And So It Goes" did not fit that album's retro theme, so it was held back until Storm Front. Joel said in a 1996 Masterclass session in Pittsburgh that Storm Front was a turbulent album and that "And So It Goes", as the last song on the album, portrayed the calm and tranquility that often follows a violent thunderstorm.
In the summer of 1992, Joel filed another $90 million lawsuit against his former lawyer Allen Grubman, alleging a wide range of offenses including fraud, breach of fiduciary responsibility, malpractice and breach of contract[56] but the case was eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.[57]
In 1992, Joel inducted the R&B duo Sam & Dave into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. That year, Joel also started work on River of Dreams, finishing the album in early 1993. Its cover art was a colorful painting by Christie Brinkley that was a series of scenes from each of the songs on the album. The eponymous first single was the last top 10 hit Joel has penned to date, reaching No. 3 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart and ranking at No. 21 on the 1993 year-end Hot 100 chart. In addition to the title track, the album includes the hits "All About Soul" (with Color Me Badd on backing vocals) and "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)", written for his daughter, Alexa. A radio remix version of "All About Soul" can be found on The Essential Billy Joel (2001), and a demo version appears on My Lives (2005).
The song "The Great Wall of China" was written about his ex-manager Frank Weber and was a regular in the setlist for Joel's 2006 tour. "2000 Years" was prominent in the millennium concert at Madison Square Garden, December 31, 1999, and "Famous Last Words" closed the book on Joel's pop songwriting for more than a decade.
1993–present: Touring Beginning in 1994, Joel toured extensively with Elton John on a series of "Face to Face" tours, making them the longest running and most successful concert tandem in pop music history.[58] During these shows, the two have played their own songs, each other's songs and performed duets. They grossed over US$46 million in just 24 dates in their sold out[59] 2003 tour. Joel and John resumed the Face to Face tour in March 2009[59] and it ended again, at least for the time being, in March 2010 in Albany, New York, at the Times Union Center. In February 2010, Joel denied rumors in the trade press that he canceled a summer 2010 leg of the tour, claiming there were never any dates booked and that he intended to take the year off.[60] Joel told Rolling Stone magazine: "We'll probably pick it up again. It's always fun playing with him."[61]
Joel performing in 2007 in Florida On August 25, 1994, Joel and second wife Christie Brinkley divorced, but they remained friends.
1997's "To Make You Feel My Love" and "Hey Girl" both charted from Joel's Greatest Hits Volume III album. Joel wrote and recorded the song "Shameless" that was later covered by Garth Brooks and reached No. 1 on Billboard's country charts. Joel performed with Brooks during his Central Park concert in 1997. To add onto his achievements Joel was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. Ray Charles made the induction speech and mentioned the duet Joel wrote for the two of them, "Baby Grand" (a track on Joel's album The Bridge released in 1986).
On December 31, 1999, Joel performed at New York's Madison Square Garden. At the time, Joel said that it would be his last tour and possibly his last concert. Two of his performances from that night, "We Didn't Start the Fire" and "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" were filmed and featured that night as part of ABC's special New Year's Y2K coverage. The concert (dubbed The Night of the 2000 Years) ran for close to four hours and was later released as 2000 Years: The Millennium Concert.
In 2001, Joel released Fantasies & Delusions, a collection of classical piano pieces. All were composed by Joel and performed by Hyung-ki Joo. Joel often uses bits of these songs as interludes in live performances, and some of them are part of the score for the hit show Movin' Out. The album topped the classical charts at No. 1. Joel performed "New York State of Mind" live on September 21, 2001, as part of the America: A Tribute to Heroes benefit concert, and on October 20, 2001, along with "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)", at the Concert for New York City in Madison Square Garden. That night, he also performed "Your Song" with Elton John.
In 2003, Joel inducted The Righteous Brothers into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, noting that his song "Until the Night" from the album 52nd Street was a tribute to the duo.
In 2005, Columbia released a box set, My Lives, which is largely a compilation of demos, b-sides, live/alternate versions and even a few Top 40 hits. The compilation also includes the Umixit software, in which people can remix "Zanzibar" and a live version of "I Go to Extremes" with their PC. Also, a DVD of a show from the River of Dreams tour is included.
Billy Joel with his band performing in California On January 7, 2006, Joel began a tour across the U.S. Having not written, or at least released, any new songs in 13 years, he featured a sampling of songs from throughout his career, including major hits as well as obscure tunes like "Zanzibar" and "All for Leyna". His tour included an unprecedented 12 sold-out concerts over several months at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The singer's stint of 12 shows at Madison Square Garden broke a previous record set by New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen, who played 10 sold-out shows at the same arena. The record earned Joel the first retired number (12) in the arena owned by a non-athlete. This honor has also been given to Joel at the Wells Fargo Center (Philadelphia) (formerly the Wachovia Center) in Philadelphia where a banner in the colors of the Philadelphia Flyers is hung honoring Joel's 46 Philadelphia sold-out shows. He also had a banner raised in his honor for being the highest grossing act in the history of the Times Union Center (formerly the Knickerbocker Arena and Pepsi Arena) in Albany, New York. This honor was given to him as part of the April 17, 2007, show he did there. On June 13, 2006, Columbia released 12 Gardens Live, a double album containing 32 live recordings from a collection of the 12 different shows at Madison Square Garden during Joel's 2006 tour.
Joel visited the United Kingdom and Ireland for the first time in many years as part of the European leg of his 2006 tour. On July 31, 2006, he performed a free concert in Rome, with the Colosseum as the backdrop.[62]
Joel toured South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Hawaii in late 2006, and subsequently toured the Southeastern U.S. in February and March 2007 before hitting the Midwest in the spring of 2007. On January 3 of that year, news was leaked to the New York Post that Billy had recorded a new song with lyrics—this being the first new song with lyrics he'd written in almost 14 years.[63] The song, titled "All My Life", was Joel's newest single (with second track "You're My Home", live from Madison Square Garden 2006 tour) and was released into stores on February 27, 2007.[64] On February 4, Joel sang the national anthem for Super Bowl XLI, becoming the first to sing the national anthem twice at a Super Bowl. and on April 17, 2007, Joel was honored in Albany, New York, for his ninth concert at the Times Union Center. He is now holding the highest box office attendance of any artist to play at the arena. A banner was raised in his honor marking this achievement.
On December 1, 2007, Joel premiered his new song "Christmas in Fallujah".[65] The song was performed by Cass Dillon, a new Long Island based musician, as Joel felt it should be sung by someone in a soldier's age range (though he himself has played the song occasionally in concert.) The track was dedicated to servicemen based in Iraq. Joel wrote it in September 2007 after reading numerous letters sent to him from American soldiers in Iraq. "Christmas in Fallujah" is only the second pop/rock song released by Joel since 1993's River of Dreams. Proceeds from the song benefited the Homes For Our Troops foundation.
Joel with Mike DelGuidice in 2016 On January 26, 2008, Joel performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra celebrating the 151st anniversary of the Academy of Music. Joel premiered his new classical piece titled, "Waltz No. 2 (Steinway Hall)" arranged by Brad Ellis. He also played many of his less well-known pieces, with full orchestral backing arranged by Mr. Ellis, including the rarely performed Nylon Curtain songs "Scandinavian Skies" and "Where's the Orchestra?".
On March 10, 2008, Joel inducted his friend John Mellencamp into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.
Joel's staying power as a touring act continues to the present day. He sold out 10 concerts at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut from May to July 2008. The casino honored him with a banner displaying his name and the number 10 to hang in the arena. On June 19, 2008, he played a concert at the grand re-opening of Caesars Windsor (formerly Casino Windsor) in Windsor, Ontario, Canada to an invite-only crowd for Casino VIPs. His mood was light, and joke-filled, even introducing himself as "Billy Joel's dad" and stating "you guys overpaid to see a fat bald guy". He also admitted that Canadian folk-pop musician Gordon Lightfoot was the musical inspiration for "She's Always A Woman".[66]
On July 16, 2008, and July 18, 2008, Joel played the final concerts at Shea Stadium before its demolition. His guests included Tony Bennett, Don Henley, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey, Garth Brooks, and Paul McCartney. The concerts were featured in the 2010 documentary film Last Play at Shea. The film was released on DVD on February 8, 2011. The CD and DVD of the show, Live at Shea Stadium were released on March 8, 2011.
On December 11, 2008, Joel recorded his own rendition of "Christmas in Fallujah" during a concert at Acer Arena in Sydney and released it as a live single in Australia only. It is the only official release of Joel performing "Christmas in Fallujah", as Cass Dillon sang on the 2007 studio recording and the handful of times the song was played live in 2007. Joel sang the song throughout his December 2008 tour of Australia.
On May 19, 2009, Joel's former drummer, Liberty DeVitto, filed a lawsuit in NYC claiming Joel and Sony Music owed DeVitto over 10 years of royalty payments. DeVitto had never been given songwriting or arranging credit on any of Joel's songs, but he claimed that he helped arrange some of them, including "Only the Good Die Young".[67] In April 2010, it was announced that Joel and DeVitto amicably resolved the lawsuit.[68]
2011 marked the 40th anniversary of the release of Joel's first album, Cold Spring Harbor. According to Joel's official website, to commemorate this anniversary, Columbia/Legacy Recordings originally planned "to celebrate the occasion with a definitive reissue project of newly restored and expanded Legacy editions of the complete Billy Joel catalog, newly curated collections of rarities from the vaults, previously unavailable studio tracks and live performances, home video releases and more", although this never fully came to fruition.[69] The album Piano Man was re-released in a two-disc Legacy edition in November 2011.[69]
In 2012, Joel signed an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), and its subsidiary Rondor Music International. Under the agreement, UMPG and Rondor replaced EMI Music Publishing in handling Joel's catalog outside the U.S. Additionally, the agreement marked the first time since Joel regained control of his publishing rights in the 1980s that he began to use an administrator to handle his catalog within the U.S. The agreement's focus is on increasing the use of Joel's music in movies, television programs, and commercials.[70]
On December 12, 2012, Joel performed as part of 12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Garden, a concert held for all the victims of Hurricane Sandy. He changed the lyrics to "Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)" to make it relate to all the damage caused by Sandy.
In May 2013, it was announced that Joel would hold his first ever indoor Irish concert at the O2 in Dublin on November 1. He subsequently announced his return to the UK for the first time in seven years to perform three dates in October and November. Joel played two arena dates in Manchester and Birmingham plus a very special show at London's Hammersmith Apollo. In October, Joel held a surprise concert on Long Island at The Paramount (Huntington, New York) to benefit Long Island Cares. The venue holds a capacity of 1,555 and sold out in five minutes. Joel headlined a solo arena concert in New York City for the first time since 2006 when he performed at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on December 31, 2013. In 2015, Joel performed 21 concerts (in addition to his Madison Square Garden residency) from January 7 to August 2 in various cities around the U.S. and Canada.
On December 3, 2013, it was announced that Joel would become a franchise of Madison Square Garden, playing one concert a month indefinitely, starting with a date on January 27, 2014.[71]
Joel performing at Madison Square Garden in 2016 On January 7, 2014, the Billy Joel in Concert tour began. Joel kicked off the 2014 New Year in the Amway Center (in Orlando, Florida) and performed several cover songs such as Elton John's "Your Song", Billy Preston's "You Are So Beautiful" (in tribute to Joe Cocker), The Beatles' "With a Little Help from My Friends", "Can't Buy Me Love", and "When I'm 64", Robert Burns' "Auld Lang Syne", and AC/DC's "You Shook Me All Night Long" (with Brian Johnson). Rufus Wainwright joined Joel during the concert to sing "New York State of Mind".[72] Joel also performed an unusual set, including the song "Souvenir" (from 1974's Streetlife Serenade) and excluding "We Didn't Start the Fire".[73]
On August 4, 2015 Joel played the final concert at Nassau Coliseum before the arena underwent a $261 million renovation.[74]
On April 5, 2017 Joel played the first concert at the newly renovated Nassau Coliseum.
On June 24, 2017, he returned to Hicksville High School fifty years after his would-be graduating class received their diplomas,[75] to deliver the honorary commencement address. It was also the 25th anniversary of receiving his own diploma from the same High School.
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[GEAR][NGD] Add a new guitar to the collection

I added the thinline Jaguar to my collection today. It's all stock except for the mastery bridge. I'm really enjoying it so far. http://imgur.com/a/lQuMC#1
edit: I'm including a description of all the other gear so if you want can know exactly what you're looking at. Guitars:
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explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Twitter make money? Twitter
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Episode discussion: Drew And Mike – July 17, 2017

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[Gear] My Ever-Growing Family.

I recently got new items so I figured I'd show off my family.
Group Shot
Epiphone Sheraton II-This is my main(and newest) axe. I have wanted it for years and finally had enough to get her. I was heavily inspired to get the Natural body by John Lennon's Casino. I spent some time debating whether to get a new or used one. After reading the pro's and con's of new vs. old and Chinese vs. Korean, I decided to get a new one(Chinese). She is my first Semi-Hollow guitar and I'm completely in love. I love the tone she gives out, I love the nice fat neck, I love the beautiful headstock inlay.
The only thing I found not-so-great is the neck pickup. I heard that Epiphone's weakest components are their pickups, so I wasn't surprised. I want to eventually get Gibson '57s installed. But for now, I am satisfied with the purchase 100%.
Squier Strat-This was given to me by my ex back when I first started playing. I am pretty sure it came out of one of the 'Affinity' bundles. It isn't the best, but it was enough to practice and teach myself how to play.
Maestro by Gibson Acoustic-This was more of an impulse buy because I wanted an acoustic. It was from one of those cheap bundles you'd get from F.Y.E. for ~$100. Just like the Strat, it's not the best by any means, but it works as an acoustic until I can get a nice one.
Uke-A cheap ukelele to fool around with, also from a bundle.
Peavey Vypyr 15w Amp-This was a gift from my uncle. It's a great little amp with loads of different effects and combinations to mess with. It has 3 banks with 4 slots each for different effects and tones. I have a use for each of them. It has a separate pedal system it can use which can use these saved tones. I'd like to get it eventually.
Boss BD-2 & Boss RC-2-These are my first pedals. I got them from eBay for half their usual price and still in perfect working condition. I got the Looper pedal mostly to teach myself how to improv over backing tracks and chord progressions. The BD-2 Blues pedal is an excellent little guy that can go from just-gritty to full distortion with the turn of a dial. It sounds excellent for playing blues(duh).
Accessories-Bundle o' picks, Fast Fret, Super Slinky Replacement Strings, Tascam Solar Powered Tuner, Apogee Jam iPad/iPhone/iPod/Mac/PC USB recording interface.
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Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon sound check with ... Epiphone Epiphone Epiphone inspired by John Lennon Casino Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon

The Casino was very important in the Epiphone line during the 1960’s, and was introduced to compete with the Gibson ES-330. In 1965, a member of an obscure band known as “The Beatles” – Paul McCartney – began using one for studio work – and John Lennon and George Harrison got theirs in 1966. This tobacco sunburst model became Lennon’s main guitar, and was later sanded and ... Natural Finish: Inspired by the Revolution Lennon Casino In 1968, John had his Casino sanded down to the bare wood and covered with a thin, dull finish. During that time, he also replaced the tuners with Gold Grovers and removed the pickguard. He first used this "natural" Casino during "The White Album" sessions in 1968. The IBJL (“Inspired By” John Lennon) Casino actually has a neck very much like my ES-330; a nice rounded old-style Gibson shape, very comfy. It features USA-made Gibson P-90s, laminated maple/ birch body with laminated maple top. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard (1.62" at the nut), and the standard 24.75" scale length. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Casino (or 330) it ... Our "Inspired by John Lennon Casino's cover both incarnations of one of John's favorite guitars, the Vintage Sunburst (used on The Beatles final tour in 1966 and for the classic albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band As with all Epiphone Lennon guitars, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each goes to the BMI Foundation for the John Lennon Scholarship Fund which ... Our “Inspired by John Lennon Casino’s cover both incarnations of one of John’s favorite guitars, the Vintage Sunburst (used on The Beatles final tour in 1966 and for the classic albums Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the stripped down “Revolution” version John used for The Beatles White Album, Abbey Road, the rooftop concert for the Let It Be film, and his ... Keen to redress the balance for those with smaller pockets, Epiphone has launched the new Indonesian-made 'Inspired By' John Lennon Casino - £1,200 cheaper than the former USA model and £400 more expensive than the standard Chinese-made Casino. "The key to the Beatles tone is in the volume control." One event more than any other led to the Casino's enduring popularity. In 1966, with Paul ...

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Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon sound check with ...

Epiphone Casino / Inspired by John Lennon "1965" Casino OutfitAC15C1X Top Boost Channel 50+ videos Play all Mix - Epiphone "1965 Casino" Inspired by John Lennon, Part3 YouTube Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Elitist Casino - Duration: 7:29. Jack Fossett 127,570 views Casino played straight into a 1963 Ampeg Reverberocket. Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon NT - Duration: 4:46. MusicStoreTV 212,111 views. 4:46. ... John Lennon Revolution Casino - Worth the Hype? Friday Fretworks - Duration: 9:07. Buck And Evans ... Epiphone Inspired by John Lennon Casino Electric Guitar Overview - Duration: 2:10. Sam Ash Music 36,491 views. 2:10. Epiphone "1965 Casino" Inspired by John Lennon, Part2 - Duration: 2:16. ...